The Story Behind the Partnership

Since becoming partially paralyzed in a horse competition, I struggled to find a mobility tool that would allow me to work around the ranch and attend horseshows.

After destroying multiple traditional mobility scooters, I discovered the QuietKat. Tough enough for daily ranch work, fast enough to run my border collie, light enough to load in my truck and it folds down low enough to fit under my gooseneck for horseshows. The QuietKat has truly changed my life.

I currently own two; The Rancher 72v that I use for day to day ranch work and a Voyager 48v that is lighter to use at my trainers facility and to take to shows. NOT a traditional mobility scooter, I would only recommend it for folks that need more durability to get outdoors. 

No matter why your mobility is limited, there is likely a QuietKat model that can get you back to the great outdoors.